Friday, November 17, 2006

Figures it would end this way...

No knitting to show for today but I will post it once it is blocked and lovely. Promise. For now I'll leave you with the Amazing Death Predictor that I saw on Kathy's blog. It will go like this:

At age 75 a group of children will text message you continuously for three years, eventually distracting you while driving and causing a fatal wreck; your fatal wreck.

...I'm cancelling my cell phone so they can't get through! :P

When I was more specific with my info, I got this:
At age 77 you will start sleeping more and more. After six months of this you will be sleeping 19 hours a day. By month seven, you do not wake up anymore. You cease breathing during month nine.

I was amused so I continued to hit PREDICT! and got:
At age 46 a large monkey will beat you to death, using the antiquated art of fisticuffs.

Don't get any ideas, Ms. Rodent. I know how your mind works.

At age 91 you will die from wounds delivered by a blender after trying to make your sixteenth magarita of the day. (And it's on 3:00pm, shame on you!)

At age 45 a tiger will maul you. Don't ask why, but you will be in a Burmese jungle.

So I'm thinking Burma is off the vacation list.

At age 57 you will die while partaking in a particularly intense meditation session.

Well, they say everything in moderate, right?

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