Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lost but not forgotten...SP gushing

Serenity Garden

I had a perfectly lovely post about my non-Knitty SP and her final package and everything and poof, it's gone. What the heck? *sigh* I hate blogger some days.

Anyway, I have had a superfantastic non-Knitty SP from California. You'll have to peek back into the archieves and see the lovely things she (and the BF) found to send to me. Bucket loads of amazing things. I'm very fortunate to have had such lovely SPs :) This SP is a student like me and with the same time and deadline contraints that always seem to get in the way of knitting...imagine! Well, she is such a sweetie. She sent me my very first Addi Turbos! Yup, I love, love, love them. If that were not enough, she also sent along a buck of lovely dark chocolate....even organic! It was sinfully good. Thank you, Leina for all the very special and lovely things you picked out for me. I appreciate them all and especially your time and thoughts. :D

Monday, December 05, 2005


Just came back from long drive #2 in as many weeks and am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d. I got a message that I had a package in the mailroom and asked forit to be sent to our secuity office so I could get it after glad I did! There waiting for me after my 6 hours trip was dun-dun-daaaaaaaaaaaa...another hermetically sealed box. It could only be from my Canadian SP super duo of Strain & Strain (two aptly named individuals....see why under comments from package two). With quasi-fresh camera batteries and some changes to the settings *fingers crossed* I took this pictures of the goodies...while chewing on an Oh Henry!
Sandra and hubby are too sweet...look what they sent me...
1. Handmade spindle by the tape-tastic dude himself (at least I think so based on a comment my SP made in a previous communication). Who knew this guy was s otalented and handy? Yes, I have documented his triumps with the sticky-backed stuff but, but this is not even remotely adherent! LOL

2. Roving! Not sure of the type but ROVING! nonetheless. Wonderfully soft and mushy and I'm going to bring it to a friends who knows show to spin (I hope)....did I mentyion she sent along instructions AND more Udderly Smooth cream for my hands? She thinks of everything.

3. Now, I know that Canada is a fairly largish country but MY God! do they believe in hand soup....hand, the operative word. I recieved a GARGANTUAN bar of Scottish Violet and Sugar soap that I have to hold in two hands. You'd have to be a basketball player to be able to palm this thing. Guess the neighbors downstairs will have to get used to the crash! and resultant slippery slide of the slick soap as it ejects from my hand every morning at 6:30am. (Think if Julia Roberts and the snails at dinner in Pretty Woman) The soap is quite lovely, in fact. Thank you!

4. Byrspun US size 17 straight needles....awesome, I dont have this size! Woot!

5. Kroy sock yarn....2, one for each foot. Uncanny...I just commented that I liked the new Knitty sock patterns for the Winter 2005 edition. This comes in handy :)

6. Stitch markers! Happy pretty, colorful ones that make you just smile like this -----> :D

7. More free pattern flyers! Thanks, because I never have time to do this and now I have a bunch for my bindr I'm starting to put together.

8. Yarn kit of pretty purples! Interesting textured yarn, kind of a boucle but not. I'll have to think of something for this...hat and glovies for the baby niece (saw her this weekend againa dnshe's just a, I am not biased....I swear!)

9. CANDY, CANDY, CANDY! Oh Henry, Reese's cups, lollipops, and tons for stuff. As usual, my fellow students thank you and my PMS alter ego does too!

10. Hot apple cider! SHe must have known I like it and sent more in this package...yummy on a cold night like tonight.

11. Note from my SP (the most special part of the gift). Sandra (and her hubby) has been such a great and fun SP. Thank you for all your lovely gifts, Customs-proof boxes and smiles. ANd special thanks to MaryMac for a great paring! Off to contemplate knitting.... Posted by Picasa