Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sorry for the know my camera woes at this point. See the little suitcase? :)
Finally! Batteries in the camera AND it is working drumroll for the lovely contents of my Knitty SP4 package from my not-so-annonymous SP, MissJulie! She sent two skeins of KPs Wool of the Andes in a darker rose color, "Mulled Wine". I have been curious about this yarn so I am thrilled to have some to try. Next is an adorable tape measure that she thought would go well with my favorite old French and Italian posters (see Le Chat Noire icon above right). The best part is the little pull tab is in the shape of a suitcase. (see picture 2 for a close up). Now Miss Julie makes stitch markers and has a kick butt tutorial on her blog. She was hesitant to send me a few during the SP for fear that I would figure out her identity so she sent a few in the final package. They currently reside on my WIP (Clapotis) which I sadly forgot in the car. But, just know that the markers are wonderful and I thank her for those. Wait, there's more...some pretty post it notes that are a fav design of hers and naturally a lovely note with a silhouette that I think resembles her (I hope she sees this comment as a compliment because it is!) Awesome job, Miss Julie. It was truly fun to be spoiled by you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005