Wednesday, October 26, 2005

and these...
Borrowed a pair of pliers from a friend after mine went missing mysteriously from the hall closet. So off these go in trade to their new owner in trade for some mags. I hope she likes them....22 in all....that'll keep her going for a long while. Hope you like them, Barb!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My So Called FO!

I always liked this pattern and although I had the wrong needles (grabby bamboo) and only one ball of the yarn, I think it came out great. I love the Treandsetter Dune and would love to used more of it in the future if I ever see it on sale and I'm no longer grad school poor...I'm thinking in 3 plus years or so? lol Enjoy!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Safe SEX....a yarn story

Is it possible to love your Knitty SP and her husband? Answer is a resounding yes! This dynamic duo managed to send me an intriguing box in and out.

It all started when the wonderful mail lady handed me the box. I was SO excited because it was here and it was heavy! (insert greedy smile here). I no sooner get in the car with said box that I think to myself This must be what hell is like... You see, the box, much like the 1st was sealed very ummmm, completely! It kind of had the "vacuum-sealed" feeling to it, you know, dense like a brick of coffee and no prayer of getting it opened fast.

So I bit my lip for a moment and pulled the good ole car keys out of the ignition....yeah, you know what's coming...but wait, something is different about this box. Not only is it taped, it was first wrapped in plastic wrapping first! There was not a blessed place I could poke the key through. Seriously, drug dogs couldn't possibly deduce the was air tight, nay waterproof! (it was a rainy day)

By now I was completely resigned to getting this sucker open even if I had to resort to pinata busting methods...plenty of trees nearby, rope in the trunk and enough SP package angst that it would be a spectacle for sure! Needless to say I became rather deft at working the serrated edge of the car key until....ahhhhh, success!

WAIT! No, no, I take that back. Even though I managed to rip (read stretch the plastic wrap to beyond the manufacturer's recommendation) with a huff and a puff (and a few really bad words that would make a sailor blush) I finally birthed that box from its unyielding sheath.

And guess what? THE BOX WAS STILL TAPED! A silent scream escaped my throat...!#$@*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then all was well...check out the loot!

1. A butt load of free patterns...lets say that again Free Patterns....sounds lovely together, yes?
2. A little woody dolly that I can either make into my board exam security dolly or a voodoo doll...especially handy if one of the test proctors tweaks me the wrong way on expensive test day (evil smile)
3. Tape this is so funny to me. each of my SPs has sent me one of these...what hint am I not getting, hmmm?
4. A fuzz buster sweater depiller thingy-do...excellent, excellent.
5. Unidentifiable pink do-dad-clippy thingies...I have no idea...what are they? lol
6. Stitch markers! Love the red ones, especially :)
7. Loofah/soap just this very morning I was having the toughest time getting up and going. I was in the middle of showering when I remembered my lovely Knitty SP sent me invigorating citrus bath stuff. I hoped out of the shower and rummaged around the gift box but no soap. Oh well, I'll just use the citrus lotion after I shower. But soap came today...and later I anm having my apartment (bath especially) swept for spying devices...that's uncanny! How did she know!
8. Yummy Hot Apple cider and Hot dropped 30 degrees on friday so fall/winter has officially begun and I need warm drinks for my cockels (sp?...whatever).
9. Phantom chocolate...already devoured by classmates...they say thank you!
10. Cute postcard from my SP!
11. Mission falls cotton...yup, 5 count 'em. Lovely to make my niece something for Easter. She was not blessed with my uneven olive complexion thankfully *sigh*
11. Safe Sex yarn box....courtesy of her no-way-anyone's-getting-that-box-open-without-devine-intervention package wrapping fool of a hubby...we love

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mini update, tiny really...

Life has been chaotic. Seems the end of summer/beginning of Fall is student unfriendly. Even my lovely SP (nonKnitty) wrote me recently about the demands of classes. I know this too well. Mine occur 6 days a week...and I get one to rest/clean then back to the "grind" I enjoy what I do, but yes, life is chaotic. No worries SP, I know you'll get the last gift out to me when you can. I myself am delayed with my nonKnitty downstream SP. I am waiting to hear from them before sending on the next box. We haven't chatted in a while and I want to make sure the address I have is still correct. She gets a little extra spoiling due to my delay.

On the knitting front, there have been a few posts on the Knitty board about the "My So Called Scarf" pattern and some really cute results. What the heck, I'll give it a try. Try 1 needs to be frogged and tried on larger needles. I do not have larger metal circs so that is on hold. I had forgotten about the gorgeous ball of Trendsetter Dune grass & sky colorway I picked up in August while out of town. Just one as the budget is in the redish zone so...that's another story just insert a HUGE Grad school sigh here.

ANYWAY, I grabbed the US13 clover bamboo circs ( I prefer to knit on circs even for flat) and gave Try 2 a go. Naturally the bamboo is the wrong choice for mohair but that's all I had. I knit (read struggled) here and there in class yesterday and managed to complete 10 inches. Yes, yes I am a slow knitter AND I have to look at what I am doing AND I'm a thrower. It's a wonder why I continue to knit...just kidding. Oddly, I function better when multitasking.

In other news, I hate Dell. More accurately, I hate the fact that Dell has done away with their deeper discounts just as I was decided on ordering a laptop. Honestly, the type I need to do the things i need to do is about $1200 - $1400. Dell used to run specials of $750 off $1400, etc. Well, they didn't hit their forcasted revenue for last quarter and have rethought their pricing. They are gambling that higher prices will = higher revenue for Dell. Time will tell, but for now I an SOL on a laptop. Here's a little WIP and yarn p0rn. Enjoy.