Saturday, April 28, 2007

Not in a long while...

I know, I know. Not much happening here in the last few weeks or months for that matter. Life interrupts again but what would life be without these interruptions? Anyway, I have not had the time to knit much at all (read none). But I wanted to share there love goodies that my dear Knitty SP8 SP (The Garden Gnome or Gnomey and I call her) sent to me in the 2nd package. Insert an little embarrassed emoticon here because we are at the end of the round and any day now the final package should be arriving and I am not only getting to gush about package 2. Many apologies Gnomey!

Here are all the goodies she very caringly sent to me: (the chocolate is missing because I ate it in the car while driving on one of my many recent road trips! Yum!)

1. Tofutsies sock yarn! Love it!
2. Sweater soap - awesome because I do not have any
3. a little felted mouse - not in the picture because the kitties have taken to it and I could not find it to include in the picture.
4. Cotton washcloth in the most gorgeous stitch!
5. Aloe Vera Soap, hand lotion and a little round of another soap inside the washcloth. Very clever!
6. Another magic loop tutorial.
7. And my favorite...a little note with a picture of my SP in her Gnomey hat. That cracked me up no end!

Thanks again for a wonderful surprise!