Saturday, July 23, 2005

It wants to be a scarf for a friend's hubby, but doesn't quite know what pattern it wants to be...dilemma. Wish I knew colorwork...

I was aiming for a deep, blood red but it came out a little too light. I'll head to the store in a bit to get more Koolaid and re-dye it later after it rests a bit. Last thing I need is felted yarn.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Yup, I said it. It's my word for today. I mean really, how the heck else can I describe the shear generosity of my SP from SP5 (non knitty).
*silence as I ponder and list all the goodies*...mind you some were shared and eaten immediately upon opening the box.
Let's start...
- the GINORMOUS skein of homespun. It's the size of my cat for goodness sake! I'm in love...ahhhh, cigarette please...
- 2 skeins of Paton's Classic Wool Merino in color 202. My SP knows I'm on the verge of Koolaid dying any day now. How correct she is. I love messy projects that yield pretty things :)
- 2 skeins of ArtYarns Supermerino in what can only be described as every color configuration. also left a tag on it that says Commuknity...I'll hold off being a nosy snoop for a few days, but then all bets are off! LOL
- LATHER brand body wash in Yuzu scent I guess is the name. It's my SP's fav scent from this company and I can see why. Very pretty and subtle...perfect choice for me and I get to share one of your fav items with you...awesome!
- Chihuly Over Venice art postcards. One of my favorite art glass rock, SP!
- Chihuly at the V & A - 32 wonderful DOUBLE rock, SP! I LOVE postcards becasue you can frame one or some and put them in small places or use in a pretty series. They will be PERFECT to decorate/personalize my office walls and make it into my own work sanctuary *sighs*
- Lanternmoon sheep tape measure - Now, how cool is it that my SP wrote in her note that her BF picked that out for me? Hug that man...NOW!
- CHOCOLATE!!!!! Not one, but 3 kinds. The FRAN box hide delicious wafer sticks dipped in chocolate...I shared this with my chocoholic "boss" on campus. We both sat in silence for a second and then the "mmmmmm" chorus started! My super SP also sent along Twix and Nestles Crunch in dark chocolate. *Swoons*
- A lovely note from my very special SP explaining my goodies and outing her BF as an SP shopping helper...again, hug this man.

SP, what can I say...You spoil me so and I LIKE it! LOL Thank you in every language!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bad camera, bad camera!

Sorry to my wonderful Knitty SP (who deserves extra gushes) for the delay (see why she deserves extra gushes!)in posting pictures of all the pretties they sent a few weeks back.
My cr*ppy digital camera did NOT want to cooperate. I had a friend take a peek at it and seems to be behaving better now. Okay, so this is what I got for my 2nd Knitty SP4 package:

- Araucania Nature Wool
- Some fizzy bath salts that my SP highly recommends (yay!)
- Some bath confetti (1st time I've seen this bath goody)
- A teal and plum sample of chenille
- The cutest little zen garden (LOVE IT!) for my desk,
- A great note

...and it was all wrapped SO nicely in the purple paper and ribbon...couldn't wait for the camera to behave to post a pick of her lovely wrapping, I was WAY to impatient to get to my goodies! Thank you SP!