Thursday, September 08, 2005


This is the first package I received from my Canadian (yes, I know you are!) SP from Knitty's SP6. My SP had this in the mail the day after the matched member names were sent out! My SP and I have many other things in common and they have a great ability to know what I like and will make me smile. Though, i am very easy going and just love getting things in the mail. Since starting my degrees 6 hours or more away from family and friends, it is so much fun to get little care packages in the mail! I'm such a sucker for a thoughtful gift :)

Although my SP sent my package out in record speed, I was heading home to see family and take a short side trip to North Carolina and would miss getting the package till I returned. Turns out it took a little longer to get home. I was delayed in NC due to Hurricane Katrina moving north after ravaging the Gulf Coast. (My thoughts, prayers and whatever finalcial support I can send are with you folks). After arriving back to my family in NY, I decided to delay my return and spend a bit more time with my mother. I don't get to see her more than once every 3 months or so. Love student life. Thankfully, I have less than a year to go. I have not started the official countdown but I'm sure I will at some point soon.

Back to the lovely gift. I was able to FINALLY retrieve it from the mailroom on Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday. I sat in my car and pondered the box a moment. Do I have something to open this? I thought to myself. I turned it and flipped it over searching for a vulnerable spot, but none was found. Why you ask? Because it was hermetically sealed with clear packaging tape! The box had a thin but amazingly impenetrible sheath that encased every last bit of the cardboard container. Hope nothing requires air in there. Certainly nothing is getting in OR OUT! I'm sure my SP did this to ensure it got to me intact. Well it did, and it may have very well stayed intact if I didn't locate tools to get in. I looked around and found I ball point pen. I punctured the seal along the center seam. I then took my keys out of the ignition, and with the toothiest one I cound find on the key ring, proceeded to saw through the now perforated tape. Once the center seam was opened, I tried to pull the flaps open. Yeah, right. I tugged and pulled and the tape just stretched and stretched. Arrrrrrrrgh! Yup, you know it. I got the trusty pen and keys out again and with a little frustration and shear desire to see what was IN the box, I got that sucker open. Have to love MacGuyver And see what was IN the box?

Immediately, the bright and energetic colors did their job. I had been blue lately because of many things happening lately on a personal level as well as National so these colors cheered my up! The lovely silver organza lined basket held a bright orange bath scrubber, citris smelling lotion and salt scrub. I LOVE salt scrub, sugar scrub, you name it. It does wonders for my uber dry skin. Yes, this italian has dry skin. Blame my thyroid, I do. When your African Americam friends tell you, "Girl, your elbows are ashy!", you listen.

Next came the pretty irredescent/pealrized gift bag. Inside were secret things wrapped in baby pink tissue paper. The secret things were:
  • A small container of Udderly Smooth SP know me. Maybe my dry skin in legendary? No there's a thought!
  • A lovely decorative fish that made me laugh... have I mentioned I love Nemo?
  • A Friendship Crystal candle that contains a hidden crystal that revels itself after the candle is burned...okay, this is embarassing, but I sort of forgot to mail my payment to the eletric company and ...poof! Lights out. So, umm yeah I used the candle already...LOL
  • Tootsie Roll Lip Balm...ahhhhh, all the taste and none of the calories AND it means I can smell/taste chocolate ALL DAY...genius!
  • Small orange tote with sunny yellow trim....what a happy little bag! It's just perfect to tote arounf a small lace project or whatever. Love it!

Thank you wonderful SP! You and I are going to get along just fine ;)

I have to say that I have been VERY fortunate to have such lovely people gift me in these fun SPs I have participated in. Life is good :)