Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nope, not dead...and I have presents!

It has been a l.o.n.g time since I posted. Life is hectic with new things, more recently business ventures that took me in a direction I didn't expect just yet. I guess life is like that. But it is a good thing :)

SPeaking of good things, I joined Knittyboard's SP8 and am blown have such lovely SPs, both upstream and downstream. My upstream SP is amazing....just look what came in the mail recently! I'm very spoiled and grateful. I call her Gnomey as she has designated herself as The Garden Gnome of the Serenity Garden blog. She likes it! Check it out! (Yes, I mean every one of these !!!!!s) Click to make larger.

  • Lovely note from my SP detailing the spoils within
  • Elbac pattern from Knitty...I live reversible patterns and I had this one earmarked.
  • Free Sock pattern from the recent IK...(free on their site)
  • zip lock bags for my yarn...smart because my critters love string things, so I protect all from paws and hair...I'm a bit OCD about it.
  • Yarn bras! Must support the balls! (that does not sound right...)
  • Tip protectors! (I've learned my lesson in the line above, so I'm not going there with these...)
  • Nail file from her LYS with yarn background...don't you hate it when you have that little chip in your nail that manages to snag everything like your neat and tidy stitches? Yeah, me too. I've tucked this immediately in my knitting bag. Genious!
  • Inox Express l.o.n.g. circulars to do Magic Loop! I am over ready to tame this technique!
  • Do you see the yarny goodness attached to my needles?! *pant, pant, pant* It is AMAZING, SINFULLY SOFT, THE PERFECT COLOR...graduated reds...deep rich reds! *gasp* Opal Gems, 2 skeins....I promtly told her I give her permission to got get some for herself it is that yummy!
  • Speaking of yummy...what you are not seeing in the picture is the Mexican Hot Chocolate (has cinnamon in it) she sent along. It has been cold here and this has been keeping me warm. There was also a packet of another chocolate but I think I prepared it wrong.
  • Can you see that instruction sheet behind the presents? SHE MADE ME MAGIC LOOP INSTRUCTIONS HERSELF...OF HER OWN HANDS! Tell me I do not have the best SP, I dare you. And, sent me the started ML swatch (that's the loveliness attached to my new needles)
  • Best of all, she sent herself. A little Gnomey to sit with me while I knit and silently root me on through the ML.
Thank you SP. You have done so well and I appreciate all the effort and thoughtfulness. I really do :) I think SP really means Special Pal.

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Anonymous said...

Yah you are alive....actually I know ALL about looooonnnnnngg intervals in blogging [if you knew who I was you would see I am just as bad....maybe worse].

I am so glad you are enjoying the gifties and I am about ready to send you more!!!