Monday, December 04, 2006

End Rant...Let's start fresh, eh?

Okay, I think I have successfully exercised the bad freecycle voodoo out of my system enough that I can snap back and move this. It is the beginning of Tater's Cardi by Marie Grace Smith and is a free pattern on The Garter Belt site.

I had put aside this Plymouth Stone Cotton in bright red for something for my niece and considered a few patterns finally settling on this one. I'm hoping
she'll wear it for the upcoming holidays and for knock around days when my sister dresses her in her little jeans with the tartan-colored trim at the cuffs.

I am hoping to have this done by the end of the week and also settle on what yarn to use to make Fantine, a French Girl pattern that I purchased from Yarntopia (you
know, Amylovie's and Sheryl's great LYS in TX). I want to make three in total. Me, mom (I'm thinking alpaca), and my sister.

I have to put the finishing touches on my nephew's scarf from last year. Yes, bad aunt had a few
finishing issues last year so he'll get it this year. He'll get a matching hat and maybe a rolled neck sweater if I can find a semi bulky pattern that can go rather quickly. I may also knit my niece a hat and scarf set also.

Yes, I am nuts. But two of the little ones that I knit for are moving to Dallas from PA. Do they really need scarves?
Maybe some Knitpicks Crayon (cotton) scarves would be better. I'll have to ask and then ship after they get settled in TX. The other, other little ones I knit for live in FL. I'm cursed with warm weather friends. Good thing I live in a cold, damp, 8-months-a year snow belt and can appreciate a warmer weather vacation every now and then ;)

I do complain about the weather, but look where I drove around all day on Wednesday...I'll be doing more lake hoping with a friend this wednesday, weather permitting. I will find my little slice of heaven yet. I'll post more progress on Tater tomorrow.


amylovie said...

OK, I know I'm a harried mother of two and LYS owner, but I didn't know you were at my shop. Did my brain's hard drive crash or something???? Please tell me you just didn't identify yourself and that I'm not totally crazy.

If so, I would have loved to visit with you.

BTW, Fantine is such a fun sweater to make.


Roxy said...

Dr. Evil ;)

Just a quickie hi sweety!

Love that misty mountain piccie!